Filter Cartridge

3M AP124HC

Filter Cartridge 2-Piece Dirt and Rust 50 Micron Cellulose 9 x 2 Inch for AP11T/AP11S/AP12T/AP101T/AP101S/AP102T/AP1610 Water Systems 5620601

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Product Overview

Replacement water filter cartridges removes dirt, rust, sand, silt, and other coarse solid particles down to 50 microns. Rigid construction helps eliminate sediment unloading caused by changes in water pressure. Grooved design increases surface area for longer cartridge life. Fits Aqua-Pure single cartridge filter housings AP11, AP101, AP1610, SS1, SS1H, and SS1HA. Fits double cartridge housings AP12, AP102, AP2610, SS2, SS2HA, and SS2HB. Formerly from AMF Cuno.

  • 8.0 gpm flow rate
  • Nominal micron rating: 50
  • Maximum water temperature: 170 degrees F
  • Measures 2-1/2" in diameter x 9-3/4" long

Product Details

Product Type2-Piece Dirt and Rust
Fiber Type50 Micron
Temperature170DEG F
Flow Rate8.0GPM
Used onAP11T/AP11S/AP12T/AP101T/AP101S/AP102T/AP1610 Water Systems
Part Number5620601

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