Single & Double Electrical Circuit Breakers

Browse circuit breakers at F.W. Webb and find single- and double-pole models to monitor electrical cadences. Circuit breakers detect faults and protect the circuit from an overcurrent or short circuit by safely interrupting the electrical current. Install a 1-pole plug-in circuit breaker to protect singular energized wires from overheating. For larger applications, such as a water heater system, a 2-pole circuit breaker supplies higher voltages and offers greater endurance for amp levels. Find circuit breakers from top manufacturers Electrical and Source 1 for reliable products you can trust. Explore our collection of single and double-pole circuit breakers for your home applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 2 types of circuit breakers?

The two types of circuit breakers are 1-pole and 2-pole models, which monitor electrical flow rates. Both prevent wires from overheating but have several key differences:

  • 1-pole breakers: