Ceramic & Glass Fuses

Browse quality options in fuses and fuse blocks at F.W. Webb. Use a fuse to break the circuit in electrical equipment and appliances to protect against current overload or short circuits; cartridge fuses are ideal in situations where higher amps are expected. Use our convenient filters to sort glass and ceramic fuses by voltage, size, and amperage. Explore durable fuses and fuse blocks from trusted manufacturers Mars and Diversitech to find the right fit for an electrical system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are ceramic fuses the same as glass fuses?

Ceramic fuses are not the same as glass fuses. Ceramic fuses are more thermally stable, withstand high temperatures, and are usually filled with sand to prevent a conductive film from forming. Glass fuses can shatter in high-heat conditions and feature low thermal stability and current capacity.

What are cartridge fuses for?

Cartridge fuses protect electrical appliances, including pumps, refrigerators, motors, and air conditioners, when high voltage ratings and currents are necessary.

Where would I use a fuse block?

Use a fuse block in an electrical circuit with several pieces of electronic equipment to protect against overcurrent. To know what fuse block to use, check the recommended amperage level of the fuse you're using and select a block in that range.