Maple Sugar

Maple Sugar

In the burgeoning maple sugar industry, the F.W. Webb Company is known as "The Maple Piping People." We help maple sugarmakers across New England and New York ‘tap the sap’ from acres of sugarbushes.


You can get the products and supplies you need for your maple business from many F.W. Webb locations across the region's sugar belt. We have miles and miles of a wide variety of thermoplastic pipe and hose (tubing), including food grade. And we can custom fabricate to suit your needs.

CDL Maple Sugaring Equipment
We are a proud supplier of CDL Maple Sugaring Equipment.

Other Essentials

Other essential sugaring equipment and supplies in stock include:

Large producers and small family sugarbush enterprises alike enjoy our comprehensive selection and plentiful inventory from top manufacturers.


  • Free delivery and will call
  • 24/7 emergency service: Outside of regular business hours, call your nearest F.W. Webb location for emergency products and assistance.

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