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F.W. Webb Adds PurePro® TL-Pro Tankless Water Heaters to Product Line

TL-Pro Tankless Water Heaters

Bedford, MA

F.W. Webb Company is introducing TL-PRO Tankless Water Heaters to the PurePro® family of products. These high-efficiency tankless water heaters are designed for to meet the needs of both residential and commercial properties. The TL-Pro has both condensing and non-condensing models available in propane or natural gas.

TL-Pro Tankless Water Heaters are ENERGY STAR® rated and can provide endless hot water on-demand. Condensing models can achieve a uniform energy factor of 0.92. All TL-Pro models have up-fire burners and secondary fans for even faster and more-efficient delivery of hot water. This feature also extends the life of the heat exchanger.

"Even in large buildings with demands for high-volumes of hot water, TL-Pro Tankless Water Heaters can be an ideal solution," said Scott Smith, Plumbing Products Manager at F.W. Webb Company. Up to 24 TL-Pro units can be connected in a single system and deliver up to 199.2 gallons of hot water per minute.

The compact wall-mounted design makes these tankless water heaters an excellent choice for installation in tight spaces. Contractors will find TL-Pro Tankless Water Heaters are easy to service thanks to a digital display offering real-time diagnostics and a removable one-piece cover. Each unit also offers a 15-year limited warranty.

PurePro TL-Pro Tankless Water Heaters are available exclusively from, and backed fully by, F.W. Webb. Contact your nearest F.W. Webb location for more information or order online.

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