Fused & Non-Fused Disconnects

Explore options in electrical disconnects at F.W. Webb. Our selection includes fused and non-fused disconnects that offer protection from electrical hazards by making it easy to open and close circuits in power supplies in the case of an emergency. Pair a quick disconnect connector with the switch to rapidly connect and disconnect. Use our helpful filters to narrow disconnect switches by size, material, fused and non-fused, and other variables. Browse our collection of disconnects from trusted makers Mars and Diversitech to find the best fit for your electrical application.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of disconnects?

Different types include fused and non-fused disconnects. Fusible disconnects fuse together with the switch in an enclosure to provide an easy way to open and close the circuit; the fuse offers protection against overcurrent. A non-fusible disconnect doesn't contain any fuses and only delivers an easy way to open and close the circuit.

What is a disconnect switch used for?

A disconnect switch controls electrical current flow to a circuit by cutting or reconnecting power; these switches are typically found in generators and electrical motors.