Propane Equipment & Parts

Propane Gas Equipment & Parts

F.W. Webb offers equipment, parts and expertise to authorized gas contractors and dealers for projects involving propane gas. We have top-brands, high-quality systems and accessories, along with personalized customer service. To keep you updated on the latest propane gas regulations and technology, our expert training coordinators regularly conduct training sessions at F.W. Webb locations throughout the Northeast.


From boilers and generators to fireplaces and grills, you'll find a compete inventory of propane gas-powered products at F.W. Webb. Do you need tanks, cylinders, regulators, valves, meters, gauges, pipe, venting, hearths and supplies? Look no further than F.W. Webb - your single source distributor of these and other top propane gas equipment and parts brands.

Bradford White
Cavagna Valves and Fittings
White Mountain Hearth
Quality Steel

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The use of liquid propane gas (LPG) is increasing across the USA as applications become more diverse and functional. Beyond heating and cooking, propane gas is now used commonly to fuel fleet vehicles, forklifts, generators, commercial-grade mowers, and irrigation engines. Propane gas is classified by the U.S. government as a clean, alternative fuel. It has a lower carbon footprint and price than gasoline. Seventy percent of propane production comes from domestic natural gas sources, earning propane gas the title, "Clean American Energy."

Sales Policy: For safety reasons, F.W. Webb only sells propane tanks and cylinders, designed to be filled on-site, to companies that distribute propane. This includes all tanks and cylinders with a capacity of 100 pounds or greater with a 1¾¨ ACME fill connection. Cylinders with a capacity of 100 pounds or less without the 1¾¨ ACME fill connection may be sold to other customers. F.W. Webb sells gas regulators to licensed gas contractors only.


  • Three ways to shop: in-person, online, by phone
  • Fully stocked wholesale stores with accessible, well-organized and labeled products
  • Sales associates with deep product and solutions expertise
  • Free delivery and will call
  • 24/7 emergency service: When you have an urgent need for propane gas products outside of normal business hours, contact the Propane Gas Division at 800-243-9360.

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