Top-Quality Urinals for Commercial Use

Explore quality options in urinals at F.W. Webb. Constructed in vitreous china, these commercial urinals are built to withstand continual use in high-traffic areas including office buildings, restaurants, hotels, healthcare facilities, or retail stores. Use our helpful filters to narrow your search by size, flow rate, spud type, height, and finish. We carry sturdy urinals from trusted makers, including American Standard, Toto, Sloan, and Mansfield.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are urinals worth it?

Urinals are worth installing in a commercial men's restroom; they take up less space, save water during each flush, and are easy to clean.

Why are urinals placed at different heights?

Urinals are placed at different heights to meet building code requirements. Consult with management first to find out the correct height required for your commercial urinals.