Vacuum Breakers to Protect Drinking Water

Explore vacuum breakers at F.W. Webb and find the best options to keep your water clean. Explore our variety of vacuum breakers and find sturdy options that help protect your water from pollutants and unwanted backflow. A vacuum breaker, also known as an anti-siphon system, includes a check valve and an air vent that work together to stop contaminants from entering clean water. These connect to the hose bibb or faucet and are necessary to ensure clean drinking water in your household or commercial business. Our collection includes superior-quality vacuum breakers from Watts, Apollo, and other trusted makers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are vacuum breakers necessary?

Yes, vacuum breakers are necessary for sanitary drinking water. Their purpose is to stop water from flowing back into the municipal water supply. State and federal law insist that all outside spigots, dishwashing machines, mop sink faucets, and dish sink sprayer hose spigots at commercial establishments include vacuum breakers.

Does a vacuum breaker prevent an outside faucet from freezing?

Yes, installing a vacuum breaker usually prevents an outside faucet from freezing, but be advised it does not always allow all the water left inside the pipes to drain out.