Boiler Antifreeze, Sealant & Chemicals From Trusted Brands

Explore an assortment of boiler chemicals at F.W. Webb. Inhibitor chemicals protect against corrosion and break down sludge; essential for a boiler to perform efficiently. Browse boiler inhibitor chemicals from trusted makers, including BoilerMag, Fernox, and PurePro. Boiler treatment prevents water problems, including corrosion, impurities, scaling, suspended solids, and foaming, from occurring in the system. Use a treatment to ensure boiler water pH level stays around 8.5 for optimal performance. Explore our collection of absorbents from trusted makers, including PurePro and Rectorseal; oil spill socks, pads, and chemicals help absorb boiler leaks and messes to keep floors clean.

Boiler cleaners and removers are essential to extend the life of your system; they extract soot, deposits, foaming, and sludge to prevent corrosion. Find boiler cleaners from top brands Axiom, PurePro, Boiler Mag, and Fernox. Antifreeze products for heating systems propylene glycol; this chemical reduces mold and corrosion and eliminates freezing that can lead to burst pipes in your boiler. Select top-quality boiler antifreeze from F.W. Webb and change it every three to five years. Choose a heavy-duty sealant or cement to repair cracks, leaks, or joints in your boiler. Boiler sealants and cement close in steam and heat; they can withstand high temperatures so you can patch any area of your boiler without causing further damage. We carry quality boiler sealant and cement from trusted makers Hercules, PurePro, Fernox, and Rectorseal.

Use fuel oil treatment to reduce debris, excess water, and impurities that may clog or damage your boiler. Our selection includes stabilizers, biocides, and water controllers from trusted brands PurePro, FPPF, and E-Z Oil. Routine maintenance of cooling and heating systems can help determine if service is required before it can lead to damage. Check pH and coolant levels in your boiler with convenient test strips.

Browse treatments, sealants, and chemicals from trusted brands at F.W. Webb and find the best options for your boiler.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are chemicals used in boilers?

Chemicals keep a boiler system running smoothly by protecting against corrosion and sludge scaling, which can also help reduce operating costs.

What chemicals are used in boiler water treatment?

Common chemicals used in boiler water treatment include:

  • External and internal treatment: Treat impurities in the water
  • Anti-scaling agents: Protect against the buildup of scale in a boiler
  • Alkalinity builders: Raise the pH level of water to lessen corrosion and improve boiler system efficiency
  • Amines: Guard boiler condensate pipe from corrosion
  • Oxygen scavengers: Reduce the oxides and dissolved oxygen in the water to an average level