Motors To Power HVAC/R Systems

Top-Quality Motors

F.W. Webb offers a selection of quality motors for your HVAC/R system. A reliable motor keeps an HVAC/R system running in top shape for years to come. Whether your HVAC system has a direct drive, programmable, or permanent split capacitor, find a blower motor that offers a smooth and quiet operation. Browse condenser fan motors that activate fan blades to transfer heat outside and cool refrigerant in the process; an inducer motor from Fasco or Source 1 controls airflow and clears a heat exchanger after cycles; a furnace blower motor ensures a system runs at optimum efficiency; install a rescue motor to eliminate the need for temporary power substitutions in residential and commercial HVAC systems. When you need a component for repair or replacement, find ventilation, fan, shaded pole, and other types of motors from US Motor, Fasco, Mars, and other trusted manufacturers.

Motor Accessories

Find quality accessories for your HVAC/R motor at F.W. Webb. Motor bases, mounts, and bracket kits help secure the motor while it's running, ensuring a safe operation. Replace worn-out fan blades and belts for the motor to power the system; for ease of movement, motor bearings and bushings are available in cast iron and steel for maximum performance. A motor pulley is a small but vital component within an HVAC/R system; we offer motor pulleys and sheaves made of cast iron and steel that help guide belts in motion. The blower wheel moves large volumes of air throughout the ducts and is available in clockwise and counterclockwise rotation directions; browse blower housings and wheels for efficient air transfer.

Explore the selection of HVAC/R motors and accessories available from top manufacturers at F.W. Webb and find the right parts to help you get the job done.