Water Fountains, Bubblers, & Coolers

Browse the selection of water coolers, also called bubblers, and fountains at F.W. Webb and find essential fixtures to disperse crisp, clean drinking water. Our collection features standard fountains, bottle filling stations for convenient and sanitary access, and water fountain accessories from coolers to kits. Make the most of your standard drinking fountain when you install a cooler for refreshing water temperatures, and filters to ensure the purest quality. Explore durable water coolers and fountains from Elkay, Central Brass, and Chicago Faucet to find high-quality products for your home or commercial space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install a drinking water fountain in my house?

Yes, you can install a drinking water fountain in your house. Installation costs between $500 and $1,000 on average, but the return investment is more economical than water bottles, which can run between $1 and $5 more per gallon. Using less plastic also reduces the negative impact of waste on the environment.

What is the difference between a bubbler and a water fountain?

A bubbler and a water fountain are the same; bubbler is a popular term used in certain parts of the country including Wisconsin and areas of New England.

Do I need a filter for a water fountain?

While not always necessary, filters are highly recommended for water fountains. Check to see if your fountain has a built-in filter to process and eliminate impurities.