Shock-Absorbant Arrestors

Keep your piping systems flowing smoothly with reliable hammer arrestors from F.W. Webb. Browse the collection and find the right parts to absorb shock and protect the water hammer in case of fast closing shut-off valves within your plumbing. Constructed in lead-free copper and steel, these strong, durable products are built to hold up in the most strenuous of circumstances. Sort through sizes, end connections, and materials to find the best hammer arrestor valve for the job. We provide a top-quality selection of arrestors from Watts, Precision, Oatey, and other reliable manufacturers. Explore the arrestors and valves at F.W. Webb and find the right solution to protect your water hammer and plumbing system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should hammer arrestors be installed?

Install a hammer arrestor close to the pump, where the pipe switches direction ( a pump rise, for instance), or near a check valve near the hammer.