Buffer Tanks for Residential Use

Explore an assortment of sturdy buffer water tanks at F.W. Webb. A buffer tank holds a volume of hot water to limit how often a heat pump cycles, making it more efficient. Buffer tanks are essential for cold and hot water applications to enhance temperature control, reduce cycling, and maximize overall capacity. Made in stainless and galvanized steel, the buffer water tanks in our selection can handle normal daily use in a residential setting. We carry top-quality buffer water tanks from trusted makers, including Lochinvar, HTP, and Flexcon.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a thermal store and a buffer tank?

The difference between a thermal store and a buffer tank is that a buffer tank holds a circuit of hot water to reduce how much a heat pump cycles; a thermal store doesn't directly hold water, but uses different heat sources, including solar thermal and biomass pumps.