Work Safety Gear

Monitors, Protective Clothing & Accessories for a Safe Work Environment

Keep yourself, employees, or job site visitors safe with the proper work safety gear. From gloves and glasses to hard hats, our collection includes essential safety items for the workplace.

Protective Workwear

Explore safety clothing designed to offer protection from minor injuries, limit exposure to corrosive materials, create a buffer when transporting heavy objects, or increase visibility in low-light conditions. Face masks keep out dirt and debris when working with machinery, and certain types offer protection against paint fumes. Find uncomplicated cloth styles for simple jobs or heavy-duty respirator face masks for demolition work. Safety glasses protect eyes from projectiles and dust while sanding or handling power tools, while work gloves do the same for hands. Thick rubber gloves with an extra layer of padding are ideal for handling corrosive liquids, while thinner, more flexible options make worksite clean-up easy.

Hard hats come in front- and full-brim varieties that protect heads from falling objects; some are available with lights and pen holders. Heavy-duty equipment can be loud, and proper hearing protection mutes sound to keep ears safe; we offer disposable earplugs designed for single use and reusable options that come with a cord or attached halo for easy access. Kneeling mats and knee pads are perfect for painters, plumbers, and others who work on the ground. These products provide a protective barrier between the knees and a hard surface to ease pressure on bones and joints.

Reflective safety vests are often required for workers who direct traffic, work in low-light conditions, or climb on high scaffoldings. Find reflective vests in a variety of sizes and hues to suit worksite needs. Additional workwear products including hats, heat shields, beanies, and balaclavas provide an added layer of security to workers in cold, extra-bright, or extreme conditions.

Hand Trucks, Signs & Other Safety Products

Hand trucks make lifting and transporting heavy boxes easy, and help reduce the chance of back strains and other injuries. Notify workers and bystanders of potentially hazardous areas with safety signs and tape. From yellow caution tape to gas line markers, these safety signs keep crew members fully apprised of their surroundings. Opt for an added layer of protection on the job when you choose from a selection of other safety products that includes disinfectant spray, lanyards, and extra pads for heat shields.

Smoke Detectors, First Aid Kits & Eye Washes for Emergencies

Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors sense the presence of harmful gas and toxins; these detectors are required by regulation in many areas. Place carbon monoxide and smoke detectors at staged intervals around a business or residence for proper coverage and safety assurance. First aid kits are required on most job sites and should be fully stocked with products to treat minor scrapes, cuts, and injuries. Find large and small first aid kits to suit the size of your job site and crew. Eye wash stations are essential on worksites where the presence of hazardous chemicals is common. Find standard eyewash stations suited for your job site, including hose-, wall-, and faucet-mount options.

Explore the collection of protective work gear at F.W. Webb and find options to help keep yourself, your crew, and site visitors safe.