Industrial Products

Industrial Components, Valves, & Pumps

Discover high-volume supplies for use in large or commercial buildings in the collection of industrial products at F.W. Webb. From industrial valves to expansion joints and pumps, we carry everything you need to keep commercial fixtures in top working order. Browse automated valves from top brands, suited to work in commercial combustion systems, including Bonomi, Asco, and Honeywell Home. Butterfly, ball, and solenoid valves, as well as actuators and parts help keep any system running smoothly. Alongside automated valves, we offer manual valves. These commonly used industrial fittings are more versatile than their automatic counterparts, can be used in multiple applications, and are not limited to combustion. Check, ball, and pressure relief valves allow for precise control of liquids and gasses between tubing, hoses, and pipes.

Flexible Hoses, Hypoallergenic Stainless Steel Tubing, & Y Strainers for Industrial Filtration

Connect a network of hoses together using valves from Gates or Texcel. These industrial hoses and fittings are made of durable materials to prevent leaks during continual daily use. Versatile expansion joints connect tubing sections and relieve pressure to help prevent breakage and failure. Stainless steel tubes and fittings provide hypoallergenic and high-hygienic transport of liquids and gasses in industries where cleanliness is key; stainless steel tubing, fittings, and industrial valves are ideal for a medical or culinary facility. Pipeline strainers remove dirt, debris, and other solids from pipes; these y-shaped filtration valves can be paired with a filter for optimal performance.

Durable Pumps, Steam Traps, and Industrial Measurement Gauges

Industrial pumps and accessories work with most plumbing, combustion, and refrigeration units. Find condensate pumps from trusted manufacturers, including Sterling. Reliable steam parts include traps, regulators, and air vents; we offer options for repairing broken or failing industrial components. Keep track of the pressure using practical measurement tools; gauges, flow meters, and thermometers can sit in or outside of a boiler, steam, or cooling apparatus and provide useful data regarding their efficiency.

Whether replacing a failed component or setting up something new, find the components you need to make installation easy in this collection of industrial products.