Circuit Breakers, Construction Products, & Light Bulbs

Find the electrical parts and supplies you need at Frank Webb Home. From circuit breakers to miscellaneous accessories, this collection covers the necessary components to make any electrical installation safe and efficient. Circuit breakers come in different poles and voltages to make sure an electrical circuit doesn't overload. Construction products include industrial work lights to improve visibility in hard-to-see areas, and cable armor to help protect wires during system maintenance. Disconnects and disconnect connectors come in fully insulated varieties to silo parts of electrical wiring from a power source. Electrical hardware includes toggle switches, box squares, grounding receptacles, and box covers for necessary components for an easy setup.

Choose electrical whips for installing switches and outlets, as well as wires, cables, and conduits that can run from one end of a space to another, and provide consistent power. Miscellaneous electrical supplies feature zip ties, wire nuts, coupling sets, and quick disconnect connectors to make installing new wiring easy. Connect one circuit to another with a transformer from a top brand, including Honeywell Home, Allanson, and Taco. Additional mounting plates, testing kits, and other transformer accessories allow for easy setup and maintenance. Browse heating cables from Easyheat and Raychem and use them in heated flooring or to deter the freezing of pipes in the winter. A selection of standard light bulbs offers light sources for most lamps and light fixtures.

Fuse Blocks & Fuses

Our selection of fuses and blocks includes time delay cartridges and automotive versions that work in most vehicles. If a fuse in your system breaks, fails, or becomes overloaded, we offer replacements to get it back up and running in no time.

Parts & Supplies for Portable & Standby Generators

Discover generator parts and accessories in our collection of electrical supplies. Popular among motorhome and camping enthusiasts, a portable generator works in a variety of scenarios when power is needed in a hurry. Shop these practical tools and the portable generator accessories most commonly used with them, including cords and power boxes. A standby generator offers a reliable, stationary backup power source for a home or office. We offer options from top brands, including Generac. The accompanying standby generator accessories, including ignitor coils, relay panels, and air filters, keep a state-of-the-art system in top working order. Transfer switches allow for easy and safe connections to power sources.

No matter what the electrical job entails, the collection of parts and supplies at F.W. Webb has the things you need to make it a success.