Commercial Grease Traps & Interceptors

F.W. Webb offers a varied selection of grease traps and interceptors for commercial kitchens and restaurants. Typically located beneath the floor, these units collect and filter out grease, oil, hair, dirt, and other solids so they don't get caught in the plumbing system and cause damage or clogs. Browse grease traps and interceptors made in sturdy cement, PVC, or fiberglass, in capacities from 20 to 249 pounds, and flow rates between 10 and 50 GPMs so you can find the right unit for your commercial kitchen. We offer grease traps and interceptors from trusted brands including Canplas, Schier, and Watts; explore the options and find materials and sizes that meet the needs of your space.

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials can go into a grease trap?

A trap or interceptor collects food solids, oils, debris, and grease to prevent them from flowing into the plumbing and causing clogs or drainage problems.

What happens to the grease after it's trapped in an interceptor?

A trap slows the flow of the contaminated water and cools the grease down to solidify it; when the debris floats to the top of the trap, it can be easily separated and discarded. The remaining water flows down the sewer.

How often should you empty a grease trap?

It is recommended to clean a grease trap every one to three months. If subject to heavy use, empty the grease trap when it reaches one-quarter of the way full.