Thermosplastic Piping


There are many projects when only today's sturdy yet lightweight Thermoplastic PVF meets the specs or achieves the highest overall cost savings and energy efficiencies. The F.W. Webb The F.W. Webb Thermoplastic Division works with you to select and provide the best plastic PVF system for your commercial and industrial needs across a host of applications, including high-purity processing.

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Thermoplastics come in a veritable alphabet soup of options: PVC, CPVC, PP-RCT, ABS, PP, PE and PVDF, for instance. These systems are used to convey potable water, waste water, liquid chemicals, heating and cooling fluids (such as glycol and brine), ultra-pure liquids. and slurries, - to name a few.

Regardless of its acronym, thermoplastics offer many benefits to specifiers, installers, OEMs property managers, and business owners.

Cost Effective

  • Quick joining methods
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to transport and install
  • Less maintenance and longer life

Robust & Reliable

  • Resistance to corrosion, chemicals and weather
  • Optimal flow capability
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Nontoxic and odorless

F.W. Webb carries the industry's finest thermoplastic products, including:

Blue White
Performance Pipe
IPS Corp
Charter Plastics
Standard Pump

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Additional Products & Accessories

To complement our plastics line, you'll find a complete inventory of components, accessories and supplies. See our catalog for pipe, valves, fittings, pumps, tanks, flow meters, process controls, gauges, filters, strainers, mixers, level controls, chart recorders, tubing, hose, pipe hangers, blowers, duct fittings, fusion supplies, cutting tools, and lots more.

When it comes to PVF, we are committed to bringing you the largest selection in the region. In addition to Thermoplastic, we offer a full line of traditional PVF and Industrial PVF Specialties, which include pipe, hose and hose fabrication.

Custom Skid Mounted Systems

F.W. Webb offers customized skid mounted systems for industrial processes, waste water, and municipal water treatment applications. The self-contained modular systems can feature as much plug-and-play functionality as you need. Our fabrication capabilities range from a simple pump and tank skid to a multi-faceted control skid system with pumps, tanks, gauges, flow, level, actuation, and water quality parameters.

A customized skid system from F.W. Webb saves you time, aggravation and the expense of fabricating and installing one yourself. You can rely on us to design, assemble, test, deliver, install and provide after-sales support. Learn more.


  • F.W. Webb associates with product, technology and solutions expertise
  • Fully stocked wholesale stores with accessible, well-organized and labeled products
  • Free delivery and will call
  • 24/7 emergency service: When a major line springs a leak and you need PVF products or accessories outside of regular business hours, call your nearest F.W. Webb location for assistance.

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