Flush Valves for Toilets & Urinals

Explore flushometer and flush valves, retrofit kits, and plumbing accessories for the repair or replacement of your toilet unit. Find flushometers and valves in sturdy materials, including brass, bronze, and stainless steel, with finishes that suit your commercial space. We offer flush valves from top brands including American Standard, Moen, and Toto that are sturdy, durable, and made to hold up under continual use in a commercial facility. Browse our selection of flush valves to find the perfect unit for your commercial bathroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a flush valve?

The flush valve is the mechanism located in the middle of the toilet tank; it includes the overflow tube, the valve where water enters the bowl, and the tank flapper that closes the waterway when the tank is full.

What are the different types of flush valves?

There are a few common types of flush valves:

  • Diaphragm fill valve: Made in either brass or plastic, these valves do not seal the water inlet port; the diaphragm opens and closes to allow the necessary water flow.
  • Float cup fill valve: This is a relatively newer style, typically made of plastic, with a cup attached to a spring on an actuating rod that controls the water flow.
  • Floatless fill valve: These valves operate underwater to control the flow. They also include diaphragm open and close valves to control the water.
  • Plunger or piston valve: Made from durable materials to provide a quieter flush, these valves operate with a floating ball attached to a lever that opens when the toilet is flushed.

Are all flush valves the same size?

No, not all flush valves come in the same size. They range from two to four inches depending on the toilet's design. Make sure to select the correct size before replacing an old flush valve.