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Gas Burners, Controls & Ignitors From Trusted Brands

F.W. Webb carries an array of gas valves and accessories for residential and commercial applications. A gas burner uses either natural gas or propane and heats it to provide a flame for a water heater. Explore sturdy gas burners, air tubes, and gas trains from trusted maker Carlin to find the right choice for your system. Browse our collection of gas controls; this device helps control the gas valve, guard the flame, and safely light the burner in your heating system. Each control offers different voltages ranging from 24 to 240 VAC, allowing you to choose the best fit for the furnace or boiler.

Gas Ignitors, Pilots & Tubing

A gas ignitor is a significant part of a furnace as its spark warms the system and blows hot air. Browse reliable options for silicon carbide and nitride gas ignitors from trusted makers, including Source 1, Honeywell, Robertshaw, and White Rodgers, to find the right fit for your unit. If you have a furnace, fireplace, or water heater, a gas pilot is a small flame that lights propane or natural gas to turn on the unit and provide heat. A pilot tube is another essential piece for a gas-fired system. The pilot tubing prevents leaks by connecting a valve's gas supply to a water heater, boiler, or burner. Explore top-quality pilot tubing from Walrich and Robertshaw to find the right piece for your system.

Brass Gas Ball & Meter Valves

Use a brass gas ball valve to control the stop and start of liquid and gas in your boiler, furnace, stove, fireplace, or water heater. Our collection includes corrosion-resistant brass valves, ideal for residential or commercial applications. A meter valve turns the gas on or off to various appliances and systems in your home. Find gas meter valves with lockable options from trusted makers Gas Specialty and Jomar.

Browse quality gas valves and accessories at F.W. Webb and select the best options for your home or commercial facility.