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Disposals & Accessories for the Kitchen Sink

Make kitchen cleanup a breeze with a sturdy garbage disposal unit and an assortment of accessories. Garbage disposals grind food waste into tiny particles before they're flushed away into the plumbing system; this eliminates extra bulk in the kitchen trash can and keeps odors at bay. We offer sturdy garbage disposal units from top makers InSinkErator and Moen that are built to handle daily use and rid your kitchen of waste quickly and efficiently.

Explore our selection of garbage disposal accessories for parts to repair or update your existing unit. We carry switches, flanges, stoppers, and other accessories that help your garbage disposal look and run its best. We offer garbage disposal accessories from air switches to flanges in finishes that match your kitchen sink fixtures, including bronze, gold, stainless, and black, for a cohesive aesthetic. Browse the garbage disposals and accessories at F.W. Webb and find durable, attractive options to enhance your sink.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a continuous and batch-feed garbage disposal?

A continuous feed garbage disposal continues to run once the switch is turned on; this allows you to add food and waste while the disposal is running. A batch feed garbage disposal will run only when a stopper is in place over the sink opening, making it a good choice for a household with small children.

What's the difference between a garbage disposal air button and a wall switch?

Both serve the same purpose in different ways: An air switch button employs air pressure to activate a garbage disposal, while a standard wall switch uses electricity to start the unit.

How long does a garbage disposal last?

On average, a garbage disposal can last over ten years with proper care. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on the items you can grind, and what items to avoid, to help the garbage disposal last longer.

Are garbage disposals difficult to maintain?

Garbage disposals are not difficult to maintain. Some tips to keep your unit functioning properly:

  • Run cold water through the unit before, during, and after grinding waste
  • Use a deodorizer or grind citrus peels regularly to freshen the disposal
  • Never leave food inside the disposal for long periods
  • Remove silverware and other hard objects that fall into the unit before operation