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Air Gaps, Bath Vents & Roof Flashings

F.W. Webb offers a collection of pipe repair products for home or commercial applications. An air gap is an essential component for a kitchen dishwasher; this accessory prevents dirty drain water from re-entering the unit so dishes stay clean and sanitary. Constructed in metal, PVC, plastic, and polyethylene, these air gaps are made to stand up to daily use. Keep humidity, dust, chemicals, and mold out of lavatory and laundry rooms with bathroom fan and dryer venting. Choose from dryer ducts, wall caps, and vent installation kits to find the right product for your home. We carry dryer and bath vents from top makers, including Lambro, Panasonic, and Northeast Metals.

Caulking, collars, and sealant help stop leaks that may seep through gaps or cracks on a wall, bathroom faucet, drain, strainer, bathtub, or baseboard. Browse gray, bone, white, clear, and linen caulking products to find a finish that matches the material around the crack. Explore cleanout plugs with removable covers; these pieces offer easy access to drain pipes when there's a clog or repair needed. Made of stainless steel, cast iron, and brass, cleanout plugs are durable enough to handle normal wear and tear in a residence or commercial facility. Sheet leads and bends are ideal for plumbing, construction, and roofing applications. When you need to join pipes in plumbing, find quality lead bends to update the system. Select sheet lead for roof flashing, soundproofing, construction, radiation shielding, and waterproofing.

We carry an array of resilient universal floor and ceiling plates. These plates range in diameter from ½ to 8 inches to cover up unattractive holes in the ceiling or floor around protruding pipes. Explore floor and ceiling plates from reliable brands PurePro, Pasco, and Walrich. Roof flashings constructed in aluminum, thermoplastic, EPDM, hard plastic, and other sturdy materials stand up to the elements. Install flashing on a flat area of the roof to prevent water and moisture from reaching a skylight, chimney, or exposed vent. Stud guards provide protection for pipes inside walls, guarding against screw and nail damage when installing sheetrock, cement board, and drywall. Constructed in rust-resistant steel, our stud guards are well-built options during renovation.

We offer an assortment of top-quality dielectric fittings for residential and commercial applications. These connective mechanisms include nipples, flanges, and gaskets that keep heating systems running smoothly. Explore dielectric fittings from trusted makers, including Watts, Dielectric, Apollo, and Walrich. Stay updated on potential water flow issues in your residence with reliable home automation products. Leak detectors determine when water flows into an area it shouldn't, while shut-off valves will turn the water off to prevent damage to the home.

Browse test equipment for a plumbing system; choose from a selection of test ball and gripper plugs and end caps. These products allow you to assess the state of plumbing applications to determine if repairs are needed. We also carry an assortment of plumbing tools for projects at a commercial facility or residence, including gauges, test kits, grease, wrenches, and mixing valves. These tools are durable enough to handle repairs and renovations in a plumbing system, made of metal, steel, rubber, and lead-free bronze.

Evaluate our pipe repair products and select options that work best for plumbing projects in a residential or commercial space.