Plumbing Fixtures & Products from American Standard

Rely on American Standard for high-quality plumbing fixtures and products. American Standard has over 100 years of experience creating toilets, bathtubs, sinks, faucets, trim kits, and other plumbing fittings, repair parts, and accessories.

Toilets, Bidets & Accessories from American Standard

American Standard is well known for their top-of-the-line toilets, bidets, and bidet seats. Browse American Standard toilets in elongated, oval, and round types. Purchase tanks, lids, and seats separately, or opt for a complete kit with all pieces of a toilet included. All American Standard toilets are made to ADA specifications. An American Standard bidet seat fits over a toilet bowl and offers full functionality, while a free-standing unit offers hygienic cleaning in a separate fixture. These toilet add-ons offer the convenience of a bidet without taking up extra space in the bathroom.

American Standard manufactures an assortment of repair parts to fix the toilet without the hassle of replacing the whole fixture. Find flush valves, rough-ins, and wax rings for commercial and residential fixtures.

American Standard Showers & Tubs

Discover American Standard showers, tubs, repair parts, and accessories for any washroom. American Standard bathtubs come in a selection of types, including deep, soaking styles for an added touch of luxury, standard apron front tubs for all-in-one shower and bath setups, and walk-in units for users with limited mobility. American Standard trim kits, rough-ins, and hand showers are all essential to installing, maintaining, and repairing a bathtub or shower.

American Standard Faucets & Sinks

American Standard bathroom sinks come in round, oval, and square silhouettes made to work with an array of console types. Find one-, two-, and three-hole lavatory sinks in our collection, and pair them with single-, or dual-handle American Standard faucets. Alongside the sinks and spouts, discover pedestal bases, aerators, and cartridges that make setup or repairs a breeze.

American Standard kitchen sinks come in durable, easy-to-clean finishes for extended use. Opt for a double-bay sink to separate clean and dirty dishes, or choose a single option for all-in-one functionality. Kitchen faucets from American Standard offer convenience features, including side and pull-down sprayers, single levers for seamless off/on functionality, and dual-handle varieties that provide precise temperature control.

American Standard products and parts include calibration units, flush valve wrenches, levers, and knobs for quick and easy maintenance. From commodes to bedpan rinsers, the collection of American Standard at F.W. Webb contains the reliable plumbing parts, fixtures, and accessories you need for home and commercial projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is American Standard a good choice for walk-in bathtubs?

Yes. American Standard is a good choice for walk-in bathtubs because they have a reputation for durability and affordability. American Standard bathtub parts and supplies are also easy to obtain for maintenance and repairs.

Is American Standard a good toilet brand?

Yes. American Standard is not only a good toilet brand, but it's also one of the most widely recognized manufacturers. American Standard offers over one hundred years of experience making high-quality commodes, urinals, and bidets with a wide array of options with differing flush capacities, bowl and seat shapes, and features.