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F.W. Webb Establishes Fund with Boston Children's Hospital

F.W. Webb has pledged $100,000 to the Boston Children's Hospital through 2022, and established the "F.W. Webb Extraordinary Needs Fund for Military and Veteran Families." The fund will support any military family that is financially challenged by helping to subsidize rent and utilities due to lost wages, and will also help with food insecurity, gaps in insurance, transportation and parking for medical visits, hotel stays, etc.

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Samsung VRF and Chillers

Why Samsung Ductless and VRF Systems?

Samsung is long known for their technology and innovation, and that holds true with their HVAC equipment. At F.W. Webb, we offer Samsung residential heat pumps and ductless mini splits to large VRF commercial systems that include single phase heat recovery. Their residential ductless mini splits can provide 100% of the heating capacity at five percent Fahrenheit. Plus, certain models include a unique design that helps eliminate cold drafts and come equipped with smart technology.

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Water Works Tech Helps Municipalities Save Money and Reduce Waste

HVAC Duct Cleaning Now Available

Alliance Environmental Group, an F.W. Webb Company, has added HVAC duct cleaning to their indoor air quality services with the acquisition of Clean Air Duct & Vent Cleaning. In business for 15 years, the company specializes in duct cleaning for both residential and commercial projects. Services include air vent and duct cleaning for dryers, air conditioners, forced hot air and much more!

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