Disconnectors, Wire Ties & Connectors

Explore durable electrical supplies at F.W. Webb. Our selection includes quick disconnect connectors, wire ties and nuts, disconnectors, and connectors. Use ties as fasteners to organize wires and cables together to protect against damage and reduce clutter; a disconnector ensures electrical equipment is fully de-energized during service, maintenance, or installation; wire nuts help with connections for switches, light fixtures, and other electrical devices. These components are made of nylon, copper, thermoplastic, and zinc, sturdy materials that withstand the normal daily operation of a new or existing electrical system. Use our convenient filters to narrow supplies by finish, end connection, size, and other variables. Browse top-quality electrical supplies from trusted manufacturers, including Mars, Electrical, and PurePro, to find the right fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can nylon wire ties melt?

Nylon wire ties offer great thermal resistance and only melt if the temperature rises above 185°F. Use black nylon ties outdoors and natural ties for indoor applications.

Does it matter what color wire nuts you use?

Yes, it matters what color wire nuts you use because the color signifies the quantity, size, and types of wires the nuts can fit. Wire nuts come with a chart in their packaging that indicates what color you should use with your specific wires.