Essential Boiler Corrosion Inhibitors

Browse a collection of boiler antifreeze at F.W. Webb. Our selection includes corrosion inhibitors and system and propylene glycol antifreeze; select the right product for your boiler. Antifreeze is an essential treatment for your boiler, lessening the chance of mold contamination, freeze damage, bursting coils and pipes, and corrosion. Use our helpful filters to narrow your search for antifreeze by size, product type, and finish. We offer an assortment of boiler antifreeze from trusted makers, including Hercules, and Fernox.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should boiler antifreeze be changed?

Change your boiler antifreeze every three to five years. Check the antifreeze in your boiler the next time it's serviced to ensure it's still at the right level.

Can you mix boiler antifreeze?

Boiler antifreeze shouldn't be mixed; the life expectancy of the glycol may be shortened, or unknown levels of inhibitor and toxicity could appear.