Sealant for Residential and Commercial Boilers and Furnaces

If your boiler cracks, a sealant or cement from the collection at F.W. Webb can fill in the gaps. Made to withstand ultra-high temperatures without melting, breaking, or coming unglued, high-heat furnace cement seals large and small areas on your boiler or chimney. Discover aerosol, powder, liquid, and paste boiler cement from top brands including, Hercules, PurePro, Fernox, Rectorseal, and IPC. Whether you need to seal your HVAC or boiler without clogging or coating submerged valves, controls, and vents, or simply cement one piece of your furnace to another, F.W. Webb offers the products that get the job done.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is furnace cement used for?

Furnace cement serves a variety of purposes, including bonding metal to metal or masonry, sealing cracks, or patching leaky places between firebricks. High-heat furnace cement can be used as an adhesive seal in any high-temperature setting without melting or cracking.

How does boiler leak sealer work?

A leak sealer adheres to a crack or joint in a boiler to keep steam and heat from escaping. While it is a quick fix—and in some situations may provide a long-term solution—we always encourage DIY enthusiasts to consult a professional before and after fixing a boiler at home to make sure that the repair, and your equipment, last as long as possible.