Hose Bibbs & Boiler Drains

Explore resilient boiler drain valves and hose bibbs at F.W. Webb. Use a drain valve with your boiler to remove water and sediment, improve efficiency, and prevent damage. A hose bibb is a faucet on the exterior of a house that provides a supply of water from the indoor plumbing system. We also carry stop and waste valves designed for residential and commercial construction applications that keep water from freezing in sprinkler lines. Made in durable brass, bronze, or cast copper, these valves and bibbs are strong and corrosion-resistant. Use our helpful filters to narrow drain valves by size, product type, seat material, and end connection. Browse quality drain valves from reliable manufacturers Watts, Nibco, Legend, and Apollo to find the right fit for a new or existing boiler or outdoor tap.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between a boiler drain and a hose bibb?

The difference between a boiler drain and a hose bibb is that a boiler drain is used to remove sediment and excess water from a boiler system, while a hose bibb is an exterior faucet used to bring water outdoors from inside the home plumbing system.

Is a drain valve necessary?

A drain valve is necessary to remove excess water from the bottom of a boiler reserve tank to prevent corrosion and damage and reduce wear and tear.