Valves to Balance Heating & Cooling Systems

Explore our collection of balancing valves and circuit setters for your HVAC system. Balancing valves and circuit setters are similar, but differ in the way that they function: balancing valves are operated manually while circuit setters are automatic. Circuit setters are not intended for residential use; homes benefit more from a balance valve. These valves maintain smooth flow operation within the HVAC system and regulate temperature to avoid excess energy usage. Our valves and setters are made from brass, bronze, and materials that are durable and resistant to rust; important qualities when working with plumbing systems. Browse the balancing valves and circuit setters available at F.W. Webb and find sturdy options from Bell & Gossett, Victaulic, Caleffi, Taco and other trusted brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are circuit setters and balancing valves the same?

No, circuit setters and balancing valves are not the same, though they serve similar purposes. Balancing valves are manual, whereas circuit setters are automatic. While manual balancing valves require more maintenance, they are more cost-effective and save energy in the long run, making them a trusted solution by plumbers. Circuit setters are not intended for houses or small commercial buildings.

Where do you put a balancing valve?

Install a balancing valve on the main pipe, riser, and loop of each boiler or chiller system to reach the optimal output flow for a safe and efficient operation.