Durable Check Valves To Control Boiler Water Flow

Explore flow control valves at F.W. Webb to find products that regulate water as it moves through your heating system. A control valve ensures hot or cold water does not circulate back into your boiler; this helps the system continue normal daily operation. A flow control valve is used in a variety of applications, from depressurizing a hose when changing a fitting, to reducing water consumption on a faucet in a residential setting. F.W. Webb offers flow control valves from Dole, Taco, Bell & Gossett, and other trusted manufacturers. Browse the selection and find high-quality flo-chek and control valves you can depend on.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I select a flow control valve?

Consider these factors when choosing a flow control valve:

  • Flow rate: Determine the thresholds of the minimum and maximum control rates necessary for a process. How much accuracy is required?
  • Configuration: Do you need a control for the exhaust or input cycle for a uni-directional valve? Do you need a threaded or push-in configuration?
  • Method: Determine whether a manual or remote adjustment method is required.
  • Exterior forces: Will the valve be exposed to high temperatures or harsh environments? What is the maximum pressure on your system?