Water Heater Controls & Anode Rods

Discover quality options in indirect water heater parts and accessories at F.W. Webb. Positioned down the center of the tank, an anode rod protects a water heater from corrosion. Timers, controls, and sensors help ensure that your water heater is running in proper working order. Use our convenient filters to sort anode rods and water heater controls by material, size, and product type. Browse durable indirect water heater parts and accessories from trusted brands, including Amtrol, Vaughn, and Bock, to find the right components for your system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does an indirect water heater need an anode rod?

An indirect water heater made of glass-lined steel needs an anode rod to fight against corrosion inside the tank. If your water heater is made of thermoplastic or stainless steel, an anode rod is not required.

How often should a water heater anode rod be replaced?

A water heater anode rod should be replaced every three to five years so it doesn't corrode inside the tank.