Residential Indirect Hot Water Tanks

Explore the selection of residential indirect hot water heaters at F.W. Webb. An indirect tank works by using the main furnace or boiler in your home to heat and circulate water through a coil. Indirect water heaters are often more efficient than direct water heaters, although they require a storage tank. An indirect hot water heater can be more cost-effective if used with the proper boiler and well-insulated tank. Browse residential indirect water heaters from trusted brands Purepro, Amtrol, HTP, Bradford White, Triangle, Lochinvar and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are indirect water heaters worth it?

Indirect water heaters can be very useful and cost-effective; select a high-efficiency boiler and a well-insulated tank for maximum performance.

How long does an indirect water heater last?

An indirect water heater typically lasts between 15 and 20 years when properly maintained.

What's the difference between direct and indirect water heaters?

The difference between direct and indirect water heaters is the way the water is heated. An indirect water heater does not use gas or electric elements in its heating process. A direct water heater heats water using natural gas, propane, or oil.