Reliable Air Tubes & Combustion Heads

Explore top-quality furnace burner tubes at F.W. Webb. Our collection includes combustion and furnace heads and welded air tubes; these components help gas pass through the burner to evenly distribute heat in a home. Use our helpful filters to sort the tubes by product type, size, and material. Discover an assortment of furnace burner tubes from trusted makers, including R.W. Beckett, Carlin, and Riello, to find the best fit for your furnace.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the signs of damaged or dirty burner tubes?

The signs of damaged or dirty burner tubes include the following:

  • A build-up of rust (due to moisture)
  • The furnace is making a "boom" or "whoosh" sound
  • Flames aren't blue and sharp
  • Connection to burners is poor
  • Presence of debris, soot, or other minerals
  • Pipes are cracked

What is a furnace combustion head?

A furnace combustion head, also referred to as a retention ring or turbulator, is essential to a burner; it creates a pattern of air at the end of the tube, stabilizing the flame to ensure the oil burns easily.