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Explore an array of durable tiger loops at F.W. Webb. A tiger loop is a vital component of an oil-fired heating system; it removes air from the oil before it passes through the system, reducing smoke, soot, noise, and damage to improve efficiency. Use our helpful filters to sort oil tiger loops, lines, and deaerators by size and material to find the right fit for your existing unit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should a tiger loop be installed?

Install a tiger loop between the burner and fuel tank, with a single fuel line going from the tank to the burner.

What is the purpose of a tiger loop?

A tiger loop eliminates common problems associated with oil-heating systems, including:

  • Burner nozzle and pump issues
  • Air and gas bubbles in the oil
  • Soot buildup
  • Reduced efficiency
  • Leaks