Manifold Assemblies & Flow Meters

Browse quality options in radiant heat PEX manifolds at F.W. Webb. The PEX manifold consists of branches (outlets) and a main pipe (trunk) that work together to balance water flow and distribute it to specific locations in a radiant heating system. Constructed in brass, stainless steel, HDPE, or plastic, these sturdy manifolds can withstand normal everyday use in your home or commercial space. Use our helpful filters to sort products, including PEX flow meters and manifold assemblies, by size, end connection, branch, and length. Explore durable radiant heat PEX manifolds from trusted makers Uponor and Caleffi to find the best fit for your unit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should you position PEX manifolds in a radiant heating system?

Place PEX manifolds as close to the tubing loop as possible to reduce loss of heat.

Can a radiant heat manifold be installed upside down?

A radiant heat manifold can't be installed upside down because the flowmeters will display incorrect flow. Install the manifold sideways instead for better performance and efficiency.