Radiator Shut-Off Valves & Actuators

Explore a collection of thermostatic radiator valves at F.W. Webb. A radiator valve can be used to change room temperature by controlling how much hot water flows to the system. Constructed in nickel-plated bronze or brass, these radiator valves are sturdy enough to withstand normal everyday use and adjustments. Use our helpful filters to sort shut-off valves, bodies, and actuators by finish, end connection, product type, and size to select the best fit for your radiator. Browse our selection to find top-quality thermostatic valves from trusted makers Honeywell, Danfoss, and Runtal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth getting thermostatic radiator valves?

Yes, a thermostatic valve is worth it; this device saves energy by shutting off incoming water when the radiator has reached the perfect temperature to heat your home.

Can you put thermostatic valves on all radiators?

You can install thermostatic valves (TRV) on all radiators, but a common recommendation is to leave one radiator without a TRV, typically in the bathroom or thermostat room, and keep it on permanently. The bathroom can benefit from permanent heat in the cold months, and a TRV in the thermostat room can negatively affect the heating system.

Which side of a radiator should a thermostatic valve be fitted?

Fit the thermostatic valve on the flow pipe side of the radiator to avoid loud vibrations.