Portable Heaters for Convenience

Explore quality options in convection heaters at F.W. Webb. A convection heater uses currents that travel through the air to warm up a room quickly and efficiently. Made in sturdy, corrosion-resistant steel, the propane convection heaters in our collection can withstand normal everyday use in a home, office, garage, or another area that needs warmth. Use our helpful filters to sort portable heaters by size and fuel. Browse sturdy convection heaters from trusted maker LB White to find the right model for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a convection heater work?

A convection heater uses currents that travel throughout the unit and across the heating element to transport heat to the surrounding air, warming the room rapidly.

Do convection heaters use a lot of electricity?

Convection heaters don't use a lot of electricity, especially when compared to traditional units; this can result in lower operating and heating costs.

Are convection heaters safe for indoors?

You can use a convection heater indoors, but if it burns propane or natural gas, do not use the unit inside for extended periods to avoid carbon monoxide exposure. Read your heater manufacturer manual for important safety instructions before you use the unit.