Horizontal & Vertical Steam Heaters

Find the right hydronic unit heater when you browse the selection at F.W. Webb. A hydronic heater is a lightweight, durable unit that runs on hot water and steam to provide heat for commercial or industrial applications, including a factory, workshop, garage, warehouse, or retail store. Each unit is made in gauge steel, a sturdy material that can withstand normal daily use. Use our helpful filters to sort the horizontal and vertical unit heaters by size, fuel, BTU input, electrical rating, and blower output to find the right model for your needs. Explore top-quality hydronic unit heaters from trusted makers Modine, Spacepak, and Sterling.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of hydronic heating?

Some of the most common benefits of a hydronic heating unit include:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Durability
  • Humidity control options
  • Quiet and clean operation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Safe operation due to unexposed flames

Do hydronic heaters use electricity?

Hydronic heaters use electricity, but they are not dependent on it and can operate on oil or natural gas instead.

Does hydronic heating dry the air?

Hydronic heating doesn't dry the air since it heats objects through radiation and natural convection; this clean operation also prevents pollen, allergens, and dust mites from circulating throughout the air.