Top-Quality Drain Trap Kits

Explore an assortment of condensate pumps at F.W. Webb. Designed for condensers and air conditioners, this type of unit pumps condensed water and moisture to the exterior of a home. Use our convenient filters to sort condensate pumps, switches, and drain trap kits by end connection, voltage, flow rate, and discharge head. Browse top-quality condensate pumps from trusted makers Diversitech, Beckett, Little Giant, and Rectorseal to find the right fit for any unit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need a condensate pump?

You may need a condensate pump if you don't use a gravity drain to remove condensed water; these pumps are commonly found in low-level areas such as basements.

What happens when the condensate pump fails?

When the condensate pump fails, the air conditioner will not turn on; this prevents the reservoir in the pump from overflowing.