Compact Air Conditioning

Browse portable and room air conditioners at F.W. Webb and find the best unit to cool your space efficiently. A portable air conditioning unit is ideal in an office, a smaller home, or an apartment and allows you to control the temperature in a single room. Portable A/C units cut energy usage and costs compared to central cooling. Install a window air conditioner in your space for ventilation. Many of these units come with a remote for convenient climate control. Our energy-efficient wall air conditioners require no ductwork and thus save space. Discover the right portable air conditioning unit for a home or office from top maker Comfort-Aire at F.W. Webb.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do window A/C units use a lot of electricity?

No, a window A/C unit does not use as much electricity as a central air conditioner. In fact, it consumes less than 1/3 the amount of electricity in the same amount of time.

How effective are wall air conditioners?

Wall air conditioners have many benefits:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Wall A/C units save up to 30% more on energy costs compared to window units.
  • Compact: Since wall A/C units do not require ducts, they save space and money.
  • Control: Wall units cool a single room, which is handy when you spend most of your time in one area and don't need to cool the entire apartment or house.

Does a portable air conditioner need to be vented out a window?

No, a portable A/C unit does not necessarily need to be vented out a window. Many opt to vent a portable unit out of a drop ceiling or wall.