HVAC Evaporator Coils for Residential Spaces

Browse evaporator coils at F.W. Webb and find efficient products for your residential HVAC system. Evaporator coils are essential to residential heating and cooling systems and come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different capacities. Cased coils are ideal for vertical HVAC systems where the air flows up or down to cool the home. Opt for a coil cabinet for a compact unit to provide additional cooling to your existing system. Find high-quality residential evaporator coils from top brands, including York, ADP, Aspen, Ecoer, and Bosch at F.W. Webb.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do evaporator coils last?

When an A/C unit is regularly maintained, the evaporator coils typically last 10–15 years. Without routine cleaning, debris can build up over time and damage the coils or block airflow. Maintenance is the key to prolonging your system's lifespan.

How do I know if my evaporator coils need to be replaced?

An evaporator coil will display telltale signs if it needs replacing:

  • The HVAC system has issues cooling or heating
  • Warm air comes through the vents when the thermostat is set for cold air
  • Water pools around the A/C unit
  • The A/C unit powers off before efficiently cooling your home
  • Strange sounds emit from the unit when running
  • The A/C unit will no longer power on