Quality Package HVAC Units

Explore a collection of residential small package A/C units at F.W. Webb. Installed on the top of a home or on a pad on the ground an energy-efficient residential rooftop A/C unit cools the space through ductwork. Use our convenient filters to sort the package HVAC units by size, capacity, voltage, and cooling capacity. Explore top-quality residential small package A/C units from trusted maker York to find the right fit for a residence.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an HVAC package unit?

An HVAC package unit is air conditioning that includes both heating and cooling components inside instead of a split system.

What are the benefits of a packaged HVAC unit?

A packaged HVAC unit offers the following benefits:

  • Runs quietly
  • Saves space
  • Energy-efficient
  • High SEER ratings
  • Includes heating and cooling in one place