Quality Reciprocating & Scroll Compressors

Browse the selection of refrigeration compressors at F.W. Webb. Our collection includes scroll, reciprocating, and hermetic compressors. A reciprocating compressor compresses refrigerant gas through the piston cylinder; a scroll compressor creates pressure with a moving scroll; a hermetic compressor is more common in residential applications and is sealed with the casing welded shut. Use our convenient filters to narrow compressors by voltage, size, horsepower, amperage, refrigerant, and other variables. Explore quality refrigeration compressors from trusted makers Copeland, A-1, Embraco, LG, and Tecumseh to find the best match for your system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of refrigeration compressors?

The different types of refrigeration compressors include scroll, reciprocating, and hermetic:

  • Scroll: Most sophisticated of compressors and works in a circular motion
  • Reciprocating: Most commonly used, this compressor delivers high pressured gasses through pistons.
  • Hermetic: The compressor and motor are enclosed in a welded envelope.