Motorized Dampers for HVAC/R Systems

Explore quality HVAC air and zone dampers at F.W. Webb. Our selection includes duct, motorized, and automated dampers for HVAC/R systems. An automated damper adjusts on its own based on changing climate conditions; a duct damper manages airflow and redirects it; a motorized damper helps open or close ducts to cut off or direct airflow to specific zones in a home or building. These dampers are made of extruded aluminum or galvanized steel, two durable, reliable materials that can withstand the daily operation of an existing unit. Use our convenient filters to sort the dampers by size, voltage, motor type, the number of wires, and other variables. Browse HVAC air and zone dampers from trusted makers EWC, Honeywell Home, and Arzel to find the right fit for your system.