Pressure Reducing and Regulating Valves

Browse the selection of water pressure regulators at F.W. Webb and find quality valves to run your plumbing system efficiently. These essential valves regulate the water pressure before it enters your plumbing system to provide your home with the appropriate amounts of pressure. We also carry reducing steam valves to maintain consistent pressure. Made from sturdy cast iron and stainless steel, these regulators are resistant to corrosion and harsh conditions so they can stand the test of time. Explore the water pressure regulators and reducing valves from Spence, Armstrong, and Watts at F.W. Webb.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should a water pressure regulator be installed?

Install a pressure regulator where the main water line meets your house, just past the main shut-off valve.

How do I know if a water pressure regulator needs to be replaced?

Signs that a water pressure regulator needs replacing include misting sprinklers, dripping faucets, inconsistent pressure, or water hammering.