Prevent Leaks With Brass Tube Fittings

Explore a collection of flare tube fittings used to prevent leaks and create a tight seal within pipes. These brass tube fittings are strong and durable, ideal for pipes in high-performance applications. Customize a leak-prevention system with tube elbow fittings for corners and tube unions for connective pieces; use tube nuts to tighten up and enhance your protective fittings. Use our unique filtering tool to search tube fittings by size, material, end connection, and other variables. Browse high-quality flare tube fittings and find the right pieces to update your pipes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are flare fittings better than compression fittings?

Flare fittings are better than compression fittings in gas and high-pressure lines when it comes to leak prevention as they create a tight seal at the end of the pipe.