Connective Fittings for Heating Systems

Explore our selection of dielectric fittings and find the right part to keep your heating system and home safe. Dielectric unions are vital components of your heating system and are required by code when connecting galvanized steel nipples to copper pipes. Without these fittings, the pipes can corrode from galvanic and stray electrical currents. Align the end connectors to their corresponding attachment piece, male to female, upon installation. F.W. Webb offers dielectric gaskets, flanges, and nipples to keep your heating system up to code and functioning properly. Browse our selection of dielectric fittings to update your heating system with the proper repair parts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are dielectric fittings?

Dielectric fittings are connective components that attach two pipes of different metals together to prevent leaks and damage. Dielectric fittings also isolate monitoring instruments against electrical current impacts.

Does a water heater need a dielectric fitting?

A water heater needs a dielectric fitting if it has galvanized steel pipes or tank nipples and you want to connect them to copper. This prevents an electric charge that can corrode the pipes when they touch. Both hot and cold water pipes require dielectric fittings.