Top-Quality Expansion Joints for Pipes & Fittings

Browse high-quality flexible connectors at F.W. Webb. Our selection includes flexible expansion joints and gas and hose connectors. Expansion joints in between portions of pipe or tubing expand and move to absorb noise, shock, pressure, and vibrations. Flexible connectors take gas from the main line and deliver it to a faucet or appliance, including rooftop HVAC units, boilers, furnaces, and water heaters. These flexible connectors and joints are made of carbon steel, neoprene, or copper, durable materials that can withstand the daily operation of an existing system. Use our helpful filters to narrow connectors by end size, end connection, schedule, and other variables. Explore flexible connectors from trusted makers Flex-Hose, Brasscraft, and T&S Brass to find the right fit for piping, tubing, or fittings.