Blue, White & Red PEX

Browse the collection of PEX tubing at F.W. Webb and find flexible, easy-to-install, and scale and chlorine-resistant options. Red, blue, and white PEX are designed for potable water systems; white is for either hot or cold water distribution lines, red for hot water, and blue for cold water. You can also use PEX for hydronic or radiant heating applications. Aqua PEX tubing is made from crosslinked polyethylene, a robust plastic alternative ideal for residential fire safety systems and cold and hot domestic potable water. Use our convenient filters to sort PEX tubing and sticks by size, material, letter color, and other variables. Explore quality PEX tubing from trusted makers Uponor, Watts Radiant Pex, and Legend to find the best match for your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does PEX tubing last?

PEX tubing can last for up to 50 years due to its high durability and flexibility.

What is PEX tube used for?

Use PEX tubing for radiant, hydronic, or plumbing systems in residential or commercial applications.

Is PEX tubing freeze-resistant?

PEX tubing is freeze-resistant and will expand when frozen and return to its original size when thawed.